These are a sample of Shows and Concerts that Philip has produced on the Costa Blanca since 2009.

Click on an image to go to the gallery for the show or concert listed.

2019 - Showstoppers
(Sounds Familiar)


2019 - Let There Be Music

Let There Be Music gallery

2018 - A Musical Gala
(Various Groups)

A Musical Gala

2018 - The Pirates of Penzance
(Sounds Familiar)

Pirates of Penzance

2017 - Pop Meets Classical

Pop Meets Classical

2017 - Music Of The Night
(Sounds Familiar)

Music of the Night

2017 - Musicals In Concert

Musicals in concert

2016 - A Christmas Carol
(Sounds Familiar)

A Christmas Carol

2016 - Let's Face The Music
(Sounds Familiar)

2015 - Musicals of Tonight

Musicals of Tonight

2015 - Back To The Musicals
(Sounds Familiar)

Back to the Musicals

2014 - Disney - Not Just For Children
(Sounds Familiar)


2013 - Magic Of The Musicals

Magic of the Musicals

2013 - World In Union
(Sounds Familiar)

World In Union

2012 - Musical Of Musicals - The Musical

Musical Of Musicals sm

2012 - Broadway Baby
(Sounds Familiar)

Broadway Baby

2011 - West End Nights
(Sounds Familiar)

West End Nights

2011 - Merrie England
(Philip Ashley)

Merrie England

2010 - Musical Magic
(Sounds Familiar)

Musical Magic

2010 - Sweet Adoration
(Philip Ashley)

Sweet Adoration

2009 - Steal Away
(Philip Ashley)

Steal Away

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