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philip ashley singing lessonsDo you

  • Sing in the shower or bath?
  • Sing while driving the car?
  • Love to sing at a karaoke?
  • Find yourself singing along to the CD that's playing right now?
  • Just sing for the sake of singing?

The human voice is a musical instrument, and like any instrument it requires nurturing and practise to reach its full potential. The instrument you have within you is the only musical instrument capable of creating sound and words simultaneously. Like any musical instrument the voice needs care and attention to increase its strength and reliability and sustain this wonderful instrument over a long period of time.

I firmly believe in the classical technique for anyone, either beginner or seasoned professional, regardless of the style of singing they wish to peruse. It gives all singers a solid foundation in the basic principles of singing, and this can then be adapted to the style of singing suitable for you.

As a singing teacher I aim to help you 'find your voice' and then help you develop that voice. Maybe you just want to be a able sing better for the pure joy of singing, or maybe you want to sing in front of an audience, whatever the case my aim is to help you achieve that goal.

Why Go To Philip?

Philip started singing at the age of six, and has been singing professionally since he was eighteen.  He has studied with a number of private tutors, both Classical and Musical Theatre, and has formal qualifications in singing.  Philip is also a qualified teacher and combines this with his own extensive practical experience to tailor his teaching to the individual's need.

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